Rush Point Descriptions:

Rush Point is a fast-paced and team-based Competitive FPS shooter that takes elements from other popular Competitive games and mixes them. The game currently contains 5v5 Unranked, Casual, and 15 player Deathmatch on Custom Maps and later will have a Ranked Ladder. Play each day to complete quests using the expansive arsenal of unique weapons. Choose from different characters each with unique abilities that allow you to gain an edge on your opponent. Compete in matches to earn credits and unlock unique skins for your weapons through crates. Join the Axillary Studios group to be notified of exclusive skins and codes.

Rush Point Scripts:

Script NameScript
Highlight ESP – 10/08/2022

No Cam Shake – 06/08/2022
for Index, Value in next, getgc(true) do
       if (type(Value) == 'function') and (islclosure(Value) == true) and (#getconstants(Value) == 5)  and (getconstant(Value, 1) == 'TotalCameraX') and (getconstant(Value, 2) == 'TotalCameraY') and (getconstant(Value, 5) == 'LastCameraShakeTick') then
           Old = Value;
          hookfunction(Value, function(...) if (true) then return end; return Old(...) end)

No Spread – 06/08/2022
ModuleLoader = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Modules.Shared.ModuleLoader);
LoadedModules = ModuleLoader.LoadedModules;
WeaponInfo = LoadedModules.WeaponInfo;

while task.wait(0.4) do
   for Index, Value in next, WeaponInfo do
       if (type(Value) == 'table') then
           Value['Spread'] = 0;
           Value['MovementSpreadTime'] = 0;
           Value['MovementSpreadPenalty'] = 0;

Silent Aim – 06/08/2022
getgenv().Settings = {
   ['FOV'] = 250;
   ['BodyPart'] = 'Head';
   ['FOVCircle'] = true;

local Settings = getgenv().Settings;
local CharTable, Network, ModuleLoader, Old, OldIndex, LoadedModules;
local Players = game:GetService('Players');
local Player = Players.LocalPlayer;
local Camera = workspace.CurrentCamera;
local Mouse = Player:GetMouse();
local RunService = game:GetService('RunService');

ModuleLoader = require(game:GetService("ReplicatedStorage").Modules.Shared.ModuleLoader);
LoadedModules = ModuleLoader.LoadedModules;

for Index, Value in next, getgc(true) do
   if (type(Value) == 'function') and (islclosure(Value)) and (debug.getinfo(Value).name == 'NewChar') then
       Characters = getupvalue(Value, 1); --> [1] = table [2] (real-chars) = table (in-game chars)

Network = LoadedModules.Network;
local Old = Network.FireServer;

local Circle ='Circle');
Circle.Radius = Settings.FOV;
Circle.Visible = Settings.FOVCircle;
Circle.Thickness = 4;
Circle.NumSides = 15;
Circle.Color = Color3.fromRGB(255, 255, 255);

--print(Old, Network.FireSever);

--table.foreach(LoadedModules, print);

local function GetNearest()

   Targets = {};

   for Index, Value in next, Players:GetPlayers() do
           if (Value ~= Player) and (Value.SelectedTeam.Value ~= Player.SelectedTeam.Value) then
           if (not Characters[Value]) then continue end;
           local Char = Characters[Value];
           if (not Char:FindFirstChild(Settings.BodyPart)) then continue end;

           Distance = (Char.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame.p - Camera.CFrame.p).Magnitude;
           worldPoint = Char.Head.Position;
           vector, onScreen = Camera:WorldToScreenPoint(worldPoint);
           magnitude = (, Mouse.Y) -, vector.Y)).Magnitude;
           if (magnitude > Settings['FOV']) then continue end;

           table.insert(Targets, {Value, Distance, Char:FindFirstChild(Settings.BodyPart)});

   if (#Targets > 1) then
    table.sort(Targets, function(a, b)
        return a[2] < b[2];

   if (#Targets == 0) then
       return nil;

   return Targets[1][3];

local function ResolveRotation(Target)
  return['p'], Target.CFrame['p']);

local function WTS(Object)
   local Screen = Camera:WorldToViewportPoint(Object)
   return, Screen.y);

Network.FireServer = function(...)
   local Args = {...};

    if (Args[2] == 'FireBullet') then

       local Nearest = GetNearest()

       if (not Nearest) then
           return Old(...);

       ResolvedRotation = ResolveRotation(Nearest);
       Args[3][1].OriginCFrame = ResolvedRotation;
       Args[3][1].RotationMatrix = ResolvedRotation - ResolvedRotation['p'];

       return Old(unpack(Args));

   return Old(...);

   Circle.Visible = Settings.FOVCircle;
   Circle.Radius = Settings.FOV;
   Circle.Position = WTS(Mouse.hit.p);

No Recoil - 06/08/2022
for Index, Value in next, getgc(true) do
       if (type(Value) == 'function') and (islclosure(Value)) and (#getupvalues(Value) == 5) and (type(getupvalue(Value, 4)) == 'table') and (rawget(getupvalue(Value, 4), 'LastAimPunchSpringX')) then
           local Old = Value;
           hookfunction(Value, function(...)
               if (true) then
               return Old(...)

Silent Aim & No Recoil - 24/07/2022
local replicated_storage = game:GetService('ReplicatedStorage') local players            = game:GetService('Players') local local_player       = players.LocalPlayer local network = require(replicated_storage.Modules.Shared.Network) local recoil  = require(replicated_storage.Modules.Client.Helpers.RecoilHandler) local bac_characters_senv = getsenv(game.ReplicatedStorage.BAC.Characters) local function GetClosestPlayer() local dist, target = math.huge, nil for i,v in next, players:GetChildren() do if v:IsA('Player') and v ~= local_player and v.SelectedTeam.Value ~= local_player.SelectedTeam.Value then local character = getupvalue(bac_characters_senv.NewChar, 1)[v] if character ~= nil then local mag = (character.HumanoidRootPart.CFrame.p - workspace.CurrentCamera.CFrame.p).magnitude if mag < dist then dist = mag target = character end end end end return target end local firesever_new = function(self, name, args) if name == 'FireBullet' then local target = GetClosestPlayer() if target == nil then return end print(target) for i,v in next, args[1] do local aim_cf = target.Head.CFrame local rotated_cf =, aim_cf.p) v.RotationMatrix = (rotated_cf - rotated_cf.p) v.OriginCFrame = rotated_cf end end return self, name, unpack(args) end local old; old = hookfunction(network.FireServer, function(self, name, ...) return old(firesever_new(self, name, {...})) -- bypass too many upvalues end) local old; old = hookfunction(recoil.AddRecoil, function(...) if true then -- used to be toggle check return end return old(...) end)