Welcome to My Little Pony’s Maretime Bay, where pony magic is around every corner! From Earth Ponies to Unicorns to Pegasi… Everypony is excited that you’re here! 🦄 Meet the Mane 5, play games, style your pony and more! 💎 Collect crystals to customize your pony 🗺️ Explore Maretime Bay 🌤️ Soar the skies with Zipp Storm 🎶 Shake your hooves on the dance floor with Pipp Petals 🔍 Play hide and seek with Hitch Trailblazer 📸 Have your avatar snap a pic with the Mane 5 in the selfie booth 🥇 Earn badges & exclusive catalog items to prance away with magical gear!

Installation guide:

Click to script link then copy the script

Run any Injector

Insert the script and click execute


Updated AtScript
Sat Nov 19 15:18:54 UTC 2022 Get All Items Script