Michael was displeased with you and placed you inside his Zombies pocket dimension. Will you be able to survive his wrath? Fight against endless waves of zombies alone or with friends! Game inspired off the Zombies mode from the Call of Duty franchise. Controls: Interact – [F] / [Button X] Shoot – [Left Mouse] / [Right Trigger] Reload – [R] / [Controller X] Aim Down Sights – [Q] / [Right Mouse] / [Left Bumper] Swap Weapons – [1], [2], [3], [Scroll Wheel] / [Button Y] Sprint – [Left Shift] / [Left Joystick Button] Crouch / Slide – [C] / [Left Control] / [Button B] Knife – [V] / [Right Joystick Button] Grenades – [G] / [Right Bumper] Settings – [P] / [DPad Down]

Installation guide:

Click to script link then copy the script

Run any Injector

Insert the script and click execute


Updated AtScript
Mon Nov 21 16:47:01 UTC 2022 Zombie ESP Script